I went to play Destiny and a soccer match broke out.

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This is my favorite Assassin’s Creed post ever

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Though Im afraid Im still pretty bad at those ones too

Idk the whole armor thing is what wrecks me like I have really high armor but you have to hit your opponent first if you even want a chance to defeat them

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 photoshop was actually working yesterday so i did some OC SKetCHEs woo

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I can play like 5 or 6 Crucible matches in a row, but thats it. Maybe Id play it more when new game types come out, but its pretty boring just playing control

That and theres only two maps, one of which Im absolutely horrible at

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I play with the same people too, but we’re pretty well rounded as far as what to do goes. Half of us like the Crucible, half like the story/free roam. We’re all pretty easy going too so we usually just evenly switch between the two

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Mine always gets one pole thats on the outside and we all dance or we go to our own separate ones, go to the very edge, and just sit

But Ive been playing with the same one 8/10 times so idk

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u can tell a lot about a person by their background on their phones